You have chosen one of the most successful orthopedic rehabilitation companies in Michigan. We know that you have options and we will work very hard to make sure that your physical therapy process is smooth from the very first contact to your last appointment.

So, here is what to expect at your first appointment:

Initial Evaluation— At your first ORS appointment, you will receive a thorough, interactive evaluation from a licensed physical therapist (PT) who will help to establish a personalized treatment plan to assist you in meeting your functional physical therapy goals.

During this evaluation you will have the opportunity to discuss your condition, help set goals for your physical therapy and gain a good understanding of what you may expect from attending physical therapy and completing your home program.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes early for your first appointment.

  • Your first appointment will last between 60-90 minutes after check-in.

What to bring with you:
 Physician’s prescription for PT
 Health insurance card(s) & photo ID
 Current medication list
 Pertinent medical reports, x-rays, etc.
 Emergency contact name & phone number

Please dress specific to the condition you are being treated for:
Shoulder: Sleeveless shirt or tank top
Knee: Shorts and athletic shoes
Ankle or Foot: shorts or loose athletic pants that can be pushed up to the knee and athletic shoes
Back: T-shirt and loose-fitting pants and athletic shoes
Hip: Loose fitting pants or shorts and athletic shoes
Neck: T-shirt with loose collar or tank top and comfortable shoes
Arm: Sleeveless shirt or tank top and comfortable shoes
Gowns and shorts are also available at our clinics if you need them.

Benefit Review—Our goal is to contact your insurance carrier prior to your first visit (commercial, Medicare, worker’s comp, etc.) and have a good understanding of what physical therapy benefits may be available to you.

Important Note: If you schedule just one day prior to your appointment or use a worker’s comp or auto coverage, the insurance verification may not be available until your second visit. Call us with questions at 517-990-6211.

We will help verify your benefits for you:
When you arrive for your first visit, we’ll explain the benefits we have obtained & will discuss any patient responsibility that you may have. We verify benefits as a courtesy to you. At any time, please feel free to call your health insurance provider to review what benefits are available to you.

If you have any questions please call our ORS Patient Account Services team at 517-990-6211.