What to Expect from ORS


As part of our mission, we make every effort to see our patients on a timely basis as we value their time and business. Please assist us in achieving our mission by complying with the following:

Promptness — Please make every effort to arrive on time.

Cancellations — Please call us within twenty-four hours of your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel and/or reschedule.

Late Arrivals — Will be seen as the therapist’s schedule permits. Please understand that if you arrive late, you may not receive all or any of your treatment.

Early Arrivals — Will be seen as the therapist’s schedule permits. The therapists are obligated to other appointments, so you may be required to wait until your scheduled time.

Scheduling — We recommend scheduling out as far as your prescription/authorization will allow to ensure the times you would prefer for your appointments.

Rescheduling — Please work with the front desk staff to reschedule any missed appointments as soon as possible.

Merchandise and Supplies — All goods and supplies are sold directly to the patient and not billed to the insurance company. You may contact your insurance company to see if reimbursement is available.

Non-Covered Services — At times, services that could be important to your rehabilitation are considered ‘non-covered or non-benefit eligible services by your health plan. Should this occur, you will be advised prior to treatment administration and will be given the opportunity to choose to sign a waiver and accept personal payment responsibility or you may choose to decline to receive the recommended service.

ORS Rewards Card* — We encourage you to keep all of your scheduled appointments. Bring your rewards card to every visit and present it to our office staff to have it initialed for your chance to win!  *Prizes will vary and drawings are held every month.