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Blood Flow Restriction, or BFR, is the brief and intermittent occlusion or restriction of arterial and venous blood flow that is performed by applying a cuff to the upper or lower extremity. BFR has been found to increase skeletal muscle, along with systemic whole body changes, and cardiovascular benefits while at rest, with low intensity endurance exercises of low load resistance training.

BFR is effective in
- Increasing muscle strength and size
- Prevent muscle loss due to disuse (atrophy)
- Rehabilitation / Pre-habilitation
- Aiding in recovery
- Improving cardiovascular function

Injured tissue can not lift the loads necessary to increase strength and hypertrophy without increasing the risk of injury due to taking these muscles to failure. There is a need to bridge lite resistance training to heavy resistance training. BFR is that bridge.

People who can benefit from Blood Flow Restriction include:
- Bed ridden
- Casted / Braced
- Pre / Post operative
- Elderly
- Athletes

Whether BFR is used for rehabilitation, fitness, performance training, or recovery it is a safe and effective solution for people of all ability levels and goals.

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