3055 Shirley Drive
Jackson, MI 49201
Phone: 517-990-6222

Monday thru Friday:
1pm - 8pm
Saturdays: by appointment

At Total Performance Training Center, we have developing the athlete down to a science. Being a member of the Total Performance team, means that we have access to the most advanced performance training equipment and protocols. Our coaches are experienced and passionate about helping our athletes reach their potential. Thousands of athletes have tested our programs, so the results are proven. Decades of research has shown that athletes who participate in our programs average results like this:

  • .2 seconds off the 40-yard dash

  • .2 seconds off the Pro-Shuttle

  • Up to 4 inches on the Vertical Jump

  • Up to 50% reduction in recovery between plays

  • Proven to reduce the risk of sports injuries by 20%

Programs average 1-3 days per week (dependent on program), but all programs are individualized. The programs are broken into packages of sessions or monthly programs with the first and last day consisting of pre and post-evaluations. There can be up to six people training/hour with each coach but programs are individualized.

In a typical program, a mix of incline treadmill running, agility, plyometrics and acceleration work are used to develop optimal movement patterns and explosive power. We are able to teach proper sprinting mechanics in a unique way that will help an athlete for the rest of his/her life. The speed development is done on our inclined treadmills where the athletes perform short bouts of exercise that replicate the energy requirements of sport.

Our experienced coaches are able to correct the athletes form easily because, while running in front of a mirror, we are able to see all angles of the athlete and give immediate corrective feedback. Thus, proper form can drastically enhance speed, both initially and long term.

Most programs also include plyometrics, power, quickness and multi-directional agility work. We use drills to enhance starting, stopping, and change of direction to give the athlete optimal foot quickness.

Scheduling is flexible; you pick your days and times. Sessions last about an hour to an hour and a half, including the strength training workout. Optimally, you want a day between sessions to fully recover from the training. It is best to schedule in advance to make sure you get the days and times you want.

Athletes also get huge strength gains from our individualized routines. These results make a big difference on the field or court, allowing for faster speed of play, greater stamina, and better overall athleticism. Strength training programs are developed for each athlete after the initial evaluation, and are given to the athlete as “homework.”

Youth athletes will complete strength training exercises that are safe, make their bones stronger and help them develop neuromuscular control. Athletes are personally walked through their first two days of weight training and are thereafter supervised from a distance and guided by our coaches. Trainers are always available for questions and feedback. The strength training program is FREE- it’s a complementary addition to the program.