Taryn and Lauren were FANTASTIC to work with. I have dealt with Auto-Immune issues for more than 15 years manifesting itself primarily with chronic joint pain. The aquatic therapy that ORS helped me with has been more effective than the multitude of drugs I have tried. I came in with frozen joints like the tin man and steroids were not helping any longer. Through the months of therapy my functionality has improved dramatically. The pain is not gone .....just far more manageable. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

If you have joint issues like I do....Please give it a try. It has been life changing for me.

Also, thank you Jerry, Kevin, Donna, Pam Sandy and everyone else whom I have come in contact with at ORS. You’ve made this process pleasurable .
— Brenda A- Total Joint Center (Jackson)
You’ve made a difference in my life! Thank you!
— Evangeline C. (Jackson)
On a scale of 1-5, I give Cory and Maverick a 7! I was very pleased with my therapy
— Brian M. (East Clinic)
The staff was ABSOLUTELY courteous and friendly!
— Peggy F. (East Clinic)
I would return to ORS if I need rehabilitation and I would recommend ORS to EVERYBODY!
— Ralph P. (East Clinic and Total Joint Center)
Lisa was SUPERIOR! All of the service I received in Jonesville was phenomenal! I couldn’t ask for anything else- I was very, very pleased. They really pay attention and if they see any problems, they correct them right away.
— Kathy R. (Jonesville Clinic)
You guys are TOP NOTCH! My experiences there were great and I actually looked forward to going to therapy. Your staff is awesome!
— Lorraine H. (Total Joint and Aquatic Center)
As far as I’m concerned, there is NO other choice in Jackson for physical therapy. ORS is my first and only choice! I give them a 10+ rating! We tell everyone!
— Abigail W. (Jackson)
The only place that gets you back in shape
— Merry P.C. (Facebook)
I love my friends there!!!!!
— Pam T. (Facebook)
Simply the Best!
— Joann H.- (Facebook)
You guys are so great. I had to have my leg amputated after a car accident in 1995. 22 surgeries later, my doctor sent me to HFA physical therapy and I hated it. They didn’t challenge me at all. I told my Dr. that I wanted to go back to ORS. I love BARB! I am getting stronger and I am so much happier and it’s not painful. People tell me I’m a lot nicer now.
— Lainie R. - (West Clinic)
I think ORS should be the poster child of what a physical therapy clinic should be. I am going to have my other knee done.
I will be coming back to Lisa (ORS Jonesville). I won’t go anywhere else!
— Carol D. - Referred by Dr. Carpenter
Connie gave me a very nice welcome and the staff there is phenomenal. When I left I was well satisfied
— Louis P. (East Clinic)
Cheryl was so friendly and explained everything clearly!
— Judith O. (Napoleon Clinic)
Cory and the team are so awesome. I have never seen a PT clinic on this scale. It’s great! Thank you for helping my son and me
— Tyler B. and Cynthia B. (East Clinic)
Brandon was excellent all the way around!
— Donna T (Foot, Ankle & Running Center)
Moneach was very nice and the facility was first class!
— John D. (West Clinic)
I LOVE ORS! Everyone is so happy and bubbly
— Nancy H. (Jackson)
I really like the Robinson Road clinic. It’s not so crowded and it’s bright and open. I was surprised
It’s Like a Coffee House Cheers at the Total Joint and Aquatic Center. They do a great job there and I will never go anywhere else!
— Todd E. (Jackson)
Maverick (at ORS East Clinic) was just awesome! My son said he felt more relief from one physical therapy visit than he did with a whole month of chiropractic visits. Thank you ORS!
— Mary and Marv K. (Jackson)
Just keep hiring great people like Regan (Front desk administrator at ORS-Holt). She is on top of everything and makes you feel at home!
— Tyler- (Holt)
Everyone on staff is so awesome! They were very wonderful to me!
— Georgianna D.- (East Clinic and Total Joint Center)
Your encouragement gave me the LIFE I needed!
— Dorothy L. (Jackson)
Great staff!
— Ethel B.- (Facebook)
My wife and I have both gone to ORS West Clinic. We love the atmosphere and warmth of the staff. They always do a complete job!
— Stephen B. (Jackson)
I get my custom made inserts at ORS and love going there. The front office staff is always friendly, and the physical therapist does a great job of evaluating me. I would definitely recommend ORS!
— Kate H. (Jackson)
Jerry was very professional and absolutely perfect. My appointment was very complete and they answered every question I had. Your service is outstanding!
— Terry D. (Total Joint & Aquatic Center)