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Someone you know has informed us that you might consider ORS for physical therapy treatments. If so, please fill in this information below, and let us know who referred you to ORS. If you become a new ORS patient, we want to thank you with a gift for you, and the person who referred you. We look forward to talking with you soon.  

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Who referred you?
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East Clinic- 206 Page Ave, Jackson West Clinic- 2136 Robinson Rd. Ste 1, Jackson Okemos - 5100 Marsh Road, Okemos Central Park Place Plaza Holt Clinic- 2040 N. Aurelius Ste 5, Holt Jonesville Clinic- 480 Olds Street, Jonesville Napoleon - 122 Brooklyn Road, Napoleon Corners Plaza Total Joint and Aquatic Center- 113 S. East Ave, Jackson Foot, Ankle and Running Center- 2797 Spring Arbor Rd. Ste B, Jackson
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