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Jerry Malone, Kevin Barclay, Aaron Holly, and Brandon Klump are the owners of Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists, and are also active clinical directors still working with patients daily in their clinics. Together, they have over 100 years of physical therapy practice and hands=on healing. 

It started with an idea to create a company for orthopedic rehab with Jerry Malone and Richard Kohler in 1987 and has grown over the years. Othopaedic Rehab Specialists is local to Holt, Jackson, Jonesville, and Napoleon and is a privately-owned company that employs over 100 people today. 


Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists- What we do and why we do it

In patient surveys, ORS has a 98% patient approval rating.

You have a choice when your doctor recommends physical therapy.
You can go where you feel comfortable - and based on the exit surveys, most of our patients are happy with their choice. Tell your doctor you want the best- you do have a choice and a voice. Tell them you want your therapy to be at ORS. 

For over 31 years, Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists has offered physical therapy, sports rehabilitation and health and wellness services to clients located throughout Jackson, Holt, Jonesville, and Napoleon. We have "physical therapy near me" all over lower Michigan. 

We have a variety of orthopedic rehabilitation treatment options depending on the nature of the injury. We use several other methods of treatment including, but not limited to exercise programs in our state-of-the-art gyms and home exercise programs.

Our Total Joint and Aquatic Center treats both pre-surgical and post-surgical therapy both in the clinic and in our state-of-the-art aquatic pool. 

Our Foot, Ankle and Running Center specializes in treatments from "walk-to-run" as you get better and want to ease your way to running and walking without pain again.

Excellent patient care and positive outcomes with a personal touch is our top priority. Our orthopedic specialists treat everything from back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck and shoulder pain, and other physical ailments. Although the company has grown over the years, we have not lost that friendly personalized care that we strive for every day with every patient. 

When you are looking for Physical Therapy Near Me, we are right where you are looking with 7 clinics and flexible hours to meet your busy schedule:

ORS has clinic locations in: