What is a VO2 Test?

By: Nick Vanbogelen CSCS, AT, ATC
Athletic Trainer at East Jackson High School
Performance Coach at Total Performance Training Center
Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists

A VO2 test involves resting, submax, and max testing. The test begins at a very light intensity and gets slightly harder each minute until perceived exertion is reached. The runner wears a mask that allows the measurement of the air movement. The first session takes place at the Human Physiology Lab (HPL) at Lumen Christi Catholic High School.

With the advanced equipment at the HPL, all seven components of wellness, biometric measurements, cardiorespiratory measurements, and biomechanics are reviewed. From this data, the runner can get on the right training program for their individual goals. So, in common terms, VO2 equals the total volume of gas exhaled in 1 minute (VE) multiplied by the difference between inhaled and exhaled oxygen.

Nick is the Liaison for the Human Physiology Lab at Lumen Christi Catholic High School, a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Performance Coach at ORS Performance Training of Jackson.
He can be reached at nickatc@orsmi.com.