Injuries from Overdoing it

By: Becca Boeving BS, AT, ATC
Athletic Trainer- Holt High School
Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists
Spring sports have kicked off and the overuse injuries are already in full swing. Shin splints, various forms of tendonitis, and muscle strains are a few problems athletes struggle with during this time. Some ways to prevent these injuries are to ensure a proper warm up before beginning a practice or game. One key role in a warm up should be stretching. Stretching should be included in a warm up and a cool down. Keeping muscles loose before and after participating in sports will help keep these injuries at bay. Proper technique when performing specific tasks such as pitching or running will put less strain on surrounding muscles that can be injured when poorly performed.
If athletes find themselves affected by an overuse injury, they should ensure they are doing sufficient stretches before and after athletic activities. Stretching the correct muscles in an appropriate manner is important. Athletes should reflect on proper technique to make sure they are using correct mechanics. Next, athletes should ice following practice or a game. Lastly, athletes should seek exercises relevant to injury in order to strengthen their muscles to decrease pain and increase function. Doing exercises that target specific muscle groups can make it easier to do the task at hand, ensure the proper muscles are being used throughout specific tasks and in return the athlete can perform more sufficiently.
Becca is the Certified Athletic Trainer at Holt High School and can be reached at: