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Colin Glick

Colin has been training with Total Performance since the beginning of the year in preparation for the Jackson Rush soccer season as well as Fall soccer at Jackson High. Colin always comes in with a smile on his face and beautiful black hair that whispers speed as he walks by. He is one of the most dedicated and consistent athletes at Total Performance.

Colin never misses a training session and since he started not only has his strength improved, but he has taken the time to work on his weaknesses. Along with being coachable, Colin is smart, quiet, and fierce. He does everything that is asked of him and treats other athletes as teammates which creates a warm atmosphere. He has yet to find out how strong he really is and we cannot wait to see what a force he is next year for Jackson High School. Congratulations, Colin!

Kat Hammond

Kat is a great athlete. One of the most coachable and friendly people we work with on a daily basis on Total Performance. She has always been shy and has a look of anger, but underneath it all she is proud of the work she puts in. There has never been a task too tall or challenge too big for her. We love having her at TPTC and we know she has a bright future ahead of her after graduation. Never stop being you, Kat! Congratulations!

Alec Balfour

When Alec came to TPTC he wasn't in the best shape, didn't have the fastest sprint, wasn't the loudest in the room, couldn't jump the highest, and wasn't sure of what he could do. What he did have, more than everyone else, was determination. Alec has done each and everything asked of him. He has made the commitment to come when he was tired or after working a long shift. He has changed his schedule to make time to better himself. He has lifted the weights and run the sprints. He may not have done it all willingly and groaned at the sound of another rep, but he did it. He pushed when others wouldn't. Alec locked away excuses when others would throw in the towel. He has seized the day, time and time again, and his results have shown.
    He would tell you that the finished product is still somewhere down the line, but he has gone further than others would. Alec is a pleasure to coach, listens well, and always gives his best. He can work with the young kids and make the session fun, or help push with the older athletes, understanding that they are on a mission, too. He never ceases to brighten our day or bring us pizza when it has been a tough week. Even us a coaches weren't sure how things would go in the beginning and he has proven that nothing will stand in his way.
    Alec, thank you for who you are as a person. Never let it wither because that is most important in life. Stay true to yourself and everything else will follow.

Travis Barclay

If anyone were to ever ask, "who is your hardest working athlete?" our answer would be, “T-Rod!”. Since day one, Travis has done anything and everything asked of him. If we want him to go slow, he goes slow. Every sprint is max effort. No hurdle too high. No weight too heavy. No conditioning too much. Travis pushes himself to the limits each and every day. We are lucky to be able to coach Travis as he is the ideal athlete. If lacks in a certain area, he makes up for it with his willingness to try new things, ask questions, his coachability, and his pursuit of a better self.
     Travis not only takes the time to push himself, but leads each session for the younger athletes. He shows them what hard work is, how toughness is defined, and brings with him a sense of community. It has certainly been a treat to work with Travis for the past couple months and we cannot wait to see him beat the competition in college. There are only great things in store for him. We are fortunate to play a small role in his life and grateful for the lessons he has taught us as coaches. Congratulations, Travis!