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113 S East Ave.
Jackson, MI 49201
Phone: (517) 990-6231
Fax: (517) 990-1283

M-F 6am-6pm
Closed: Sat-Sun

ORS-Total Joint and Aquatic Center provides comprehensive post-operative rehabilitation services for patients undergoing total hip replacement and total knee replacement. Specialized treatment protocols have been developed to meet each individual patient’s needs in all phases of recovery.

Our professional and caring staff will provide the guidance and direction necessary for a return to a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle. The Aquatic Center provides an innovative alternative therapy to conventional therapy that will allow patients who have difficulty performing their exercises on land an opportunity to achieve their goals with minimal strain.


ORS Aquatic Center -
Jackson’s Best Aquatic Therapy facility

Pre-Hab at our Total Joint Center

Pre-Hab at ORS-Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists offer a Free Consultation for anyone going to have a knee or hip or major joint replacement in the near future. We will educate you on what your expectations should be from surgery through discharge from physical therapy. We will show you exercises to get started with before surgery that will help shorten the recovery phase after the replacement. We will answer any questions and alleviate any fears you might have about the entire process.

Other satisfied patients from our Total Joint & Aquatic Center: