Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists takes great care in testing for concussions and CTE in our patients and with our athletes. With 16 licensed athletic trainers on the sidelines at games and practices in the mid-Michigan schools, ORS licensed athletic trainers are ready to step in to protect those that might be effected by a concussion right when a professional opinion is necessary and needed. 

At our ORS clinics, within 24-48 hours of the impact or conditions for a concussion, we will put our patients through an ImPACT test on the computer to test for cognitive impairment. 

Then, we will perform a rigid "Return-to-Play" 5 day procedure to make sure that the person is performing back at normal, pre-concussion levels. 

For more information on this testing procedure, contact:

Brie Hensley
Safety and Security Coordinator
Phone: 517-539-3393