Off-Season Golf Training Tips

By: Moneach Berro, MSPT
Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists- West Clinic

While your beloved set of golf clubs take time off in your garage, there are a few things that you can do during these winter months to help improve your golf game. Consider the following:

  • 1.    Stay loose. The less flexible you are, the shorter, and less effective your golf swing becomes. Try to stretch at least once per day, focusing on hip mobility. For an easy hip flexibility stretch, lie on your back with one leg extended and pull the opposite knee to your chest. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat three times on each side. 
  • 2. Cardio. Your body needs it’s share of cardio work. Not only to improve your golf game, but for a fuller, healthier life. About 20-30 minutes of vigorous activity three times a week is great for a healthy heart and a stronger game. 
  • 3. Core strength. Stability and core strength are important to be a successful golfer. The stronger and more stable your core is, the more your chances of developing lower back pain decreases. Planks are a simple and effective way to strengthen your core and hips, which can add distance to your ball. To do a traditional plank, start in a full push-up position, hold for 30-60 seconds. Relax and repeat three times.
  • 4. Add distance to your ball. Hip strength is essential for adding distance to your ball. Lunges are a great way to develop this strength. Start by standing up straight and take a large step forward, keeping your knee over the toes of your planted foot, and lower the rear leg knee to the floor. Return back to a standing position in a controlled manner. Repeat for ten repetitions on each side. 
  • 5. Take a swing. Spring is right around the corner! Take advantage of warm winter days and get a few swings in.  This will help keep you flexible and is a great way to stay mentally and physically sharp for the upcoming golf season.

Moneach is a Physical Therapist at our West Clinic in Jackson and our Napoleon Clinic. She can be reached at: