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ORS is proud to provide Licensed Athletic Trainers (AT) for most of the area high schools. Athletic trainers are medical professionals that have a wide range of knowledge that helps to keep student athletes safe and on the playing field. They are trained not only in the initial assessment and care of your everyday injuries, but with the management of major catastrophic injuries as well. A licensed athletic trainer's job doesn't stop there. It can include injury prevention, rehabilitation, and knowing when a referral is necessary.

We provide Licensed Athletic Trainers in the following schools:
Columbia Central High School
Dansville High School
East Jackson High School
Easton Rapids High School
Grass Lake High School
Holt High School
Homer High School
Jackson High School
Jonesville High School
Leslie High School
Lumen Christi Catholic High School
Mason High School
Middle School at Parkside
Northwest High School
Vandercook Lake High School
Western High School

About Our Program:
At Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists, there is a distinct advantage to working with our athletic trainers. ORS has many different subgroups which keeps all of our athletic trainers up to date on information in regards to concussion management, emergency response, and even performance training. This, in turn, keeps the ORS licensed athletic trainers at the top of their game and allows them to provide the best care possible. The connection with the many area physical therapists and physicians also allows for better communication between those who are active in the student athlete's care, and can result in getting to the athlete on the field in the safest, quickest, most effective way possible.

What is a Licensed Athletic Trainer?
Licensed athletic trainers are highly educated and skilled professionals specializing in athletic healthcare. In cooperation with Physicians and other allied health personnel, the Athletic Trainer functions as an integral member of the athletic health care team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports programs, and other athletic health care settings.

Our licensed athletic trainers have at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree, usually in athletic training, health, physical education, or exercise science. Our licensed athletic trainers are Board Certified and use the designation, ATC.

Education And Experience:
Athletic Training is recognized as an allied health care profession by the American Medical Association. Licensed athletic trainers (ATCs) have at least a bachelor's degree and have passed a national certifying exam. The State of Michigan also requires Athletic Trainers to be licensed. Our athletic trainers are state licensed  (designation AT) and board certified (designation ATC).

Athletic Trainers are educated and experienced in providing:

  • Injury prevention

  • Immediate injury care

  • Injury assessment

  • Rehabilitation and conditioning

  • Education and counseling

The athletic trainer’s main function is to keep individuals participating at a high functional level, whether in athletic, exercise, or work-related activities.

For additional information on Sports Medicine and the Athletic Training profession visit the websites for the National Athletic Trainers Association and the Michigan Athletic Trainers Society.


ORS Athletic Trainers

Ryan Vogel and Vince Mottes on JTV

Vince Mottes- Homer HS

Nick VanBogelen - East Jackson HS

Morgan Schalm-Columbia CentralHS

Sarah Wilhelm- Lumen Christi HS

Andy Andonian- Grass Lake HS

Jennifer Lichtman - Western (Parma) HS

Kaitlyn Herwat - Northwest HS

Jake Taylor - Vandercook Lake HS