Try Physical Therapy First

Why Choose Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a profession that seeks to return patients to the highest possible degree of personal independence. The Physical Therapist (PT) works with patients with disabilities of the muscular, skeletal, neurological, circulatory, and respiratory systems. Physical therapists are also involved in prevention programs to assist people of all ages in maintaining health and physical fitness.

The physical therapist plans and administers individualized treatment programs that are designed to restore functional movement, relieve pain, promote healing and recovery and, when necessary, help patients adapt to permanent disability. The PT plans the treatment program and evaluating the patient and his or her medical record and consulting with other members of the patient's health care team.

Tests, observation and interviews provide vital information about a patient's strength, reflexes, sensory perception, posture, gait, cardiopulmonary endurance, and daily living activities. After evaluation, the PT treats the patient through various forms of exercise, physical modalities (including heat, cold, ultrasound, electricity, and massage), functional activities, and assistive/adaptive devices.

The physical therapist exercises judgment in interpreting test results to plan and adjust treatment. Successful physical therapy may take weeks, months or years, depending on the extent of the injury or disability and the patient's motivation.

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Direct Access To Physical Therapy In Michigan

We are excited to be able to offer Direct Access to our Physical Therapy services for our patients.

Michigan is the last of the 50 states to pass Direct Access for Physical Therapy. The law now allows our office to provide treatment without a prescription from a licensed physician for 21 days or 10 treatments, whichever occurs first. Although under Michigan law we are able to treat patients without a script from a physician, most insurance carriers are still requiring a signed plan of care from a physician to be able to bill your insurance.

What Does This Mean?

Our office will provide an evaluation and send a plan of care to your primary care physician or appropriate specialist. Your physician will then have the opportunity to review the information we provide to them after our evaluation. At that point they are able to approve the plan of care set by the therapist, make adjustments to the plan if needed, and/or request a follow-up with them prior to authorizing treatment.

We value the relationship we have with physicians and will keep them involved in your treatment decisions. If at any point we believe that your symptoms or conditions require services beyond the scope of our practice of Physical Therapy, we will refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional. If you are in need of assistance finding a primary care physician, we are able to help you locate an appropriate provider.

Why is a Signed Plan of Care Needed?

If your physician does not approve the treatment outlined by your Therapist, he/she may be unwilling to sign the plan of care. If your physician chooses not to sign the plan of care, you may be responsible for the costs of your treatment depending on the guidelines of your healthcare policy. In the case, our office will be able to help you make convenient payment arrangements for your treatment.